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Benefits of Hot spring water

Mineralized water and warm the thermal has different effects on the human body. some authors divide the profits in three, biological physics and chemistry, but in reality all act together.
The hot spring baths rises the body temperature, killing germs including viruses, also increase the hydrostatic pressure of the body, which increases blood circulation and oxygenation. This increase in temperature helps dissolve and eliminate toxins from the body.

When a person is exposed to a hot spring bath, minerals begin to be absorbed in low concentrations though the skin, once in the body minerals are deposited in the subcutaneous tissue, and from there exerts its action by activating the organic metabolism through hypothalamic adrenal axis.

Among the curative properties of hot spring baths are the following:
Improve the nutricion of the tissues of the body in general, why increase metabolism.
Stimulate the body defenses.

Some general recommendations for the use of hot spring waters are:
It is always best to consult your doctor before using hot spring therapy if you are pregnant or have any disease avoid swimming alone in hot spirng waters, the old adults should use caution and do not use while under the influence of the alcohol or drugs.

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